The War Against Men Chapter 37: OnlyFans

The world’s oldest profession goes digital. And once again, men are footing the bill.

This is part of an ongoing series detailing how the developed world is, slowly but surely, devaluing Men and their role in society.

“Why don’t we go dutch? I’ll pay for your rent, your meals, clothes, makeup, tampons, and a little extra so you can treat yourself. In return you give me some badly composed, semi-nude heavily-photoshopped pictures of your body so I can fantasise that somehow, someday you will fall in love with me”

Simps, and the women who exploit them, rejoice! For now there is an entire platform dedicated to separating these fools and their monies.

For those unfamiliar with the term, OnlyFans is a subscription service like Patreon. However, where Patreon supports content creators, OnlyFans idolises women who have little to offer besides their bodies.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Holy hell! In the age of internet pornography who in their right minds would pay $9.90 a month for nude pictures of one woman? A PornHub premium subscription costs less than that!

The answer is that OnlyFans is deliberately designed to take advantage of lonely and vulnerable young Men. Compulsive sexual behavior, porn addiction, and masturbation addiction are already rampant problems in modern Men today.

I myself fell into this trap some months ago. I met a very special woman on an online chatroom and after a few weeks, she encouraged me to check out her OnlyFans account.

Fans of mine would surely be wondering how someone like me, as prepared as I am for the gender wars, managed to fall for the oldest trick in the book.

The answer is that against the pure raw sexuality of a woman, no Man stands a chance. Handicapped as we are by a society that constantly idolises attractive women and reduces Men to sex-starved, dumb animals, we are all fighting a losing battle.

How do we stop this scourge of women selling their bodies online and driving the greatest unequal wealth transfer in the history of the world?

The answer lies with every individual Man. We must each stand strong and reject women. All women. Only when we resist our most basal animal urges can we rise above and go our own way.

The social war against Men may look like a bleak one which we are wont to lose. The media is against us. Corporations are against us. Feminists want the Y genome extirpated from the population. But if we stand together and open our eyes to the truth that is all around us, maybe just maybe, we have a chance.

Ready to open your eyes to the truth about the “XX centric” world around us? I highly encourage you to watch this:


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