Crisis Hunter IV: Stranger Danger

The best Crisis Hunter edition yet? Yea boy!

I love the Crisis Hunter franchise. Their graphics may be outdated. Gameplay mechanics dubious at best. Storylines suspect. But what’s not to love about this gritty first-person shooter created by a rag-tag team of independent anarchist game developers!

Crisis Hunter IV: Stranger Danger takes the formula we all know and enjoy to the next level. I mean, come on. That name? Stranger Danger? Chills, am I right? Their flashbangs may cause epileptic seizures, but damn do they know how to create hype.

Speaking of hype, mega-fans of the franchise, you’re in for a treat! Rock ‘n’ roll games is releasing an exclusive boxset with tons of merchandise that you simply must add to your collection.

We got one as well, and we were thrilled to open it. Watch our unboxing preview video here now!

James Tan

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